ERP Studios is a full service production house, providing a wide spectrum of high-quality, professional audio services.

We’d love to be your voice

ERP Studios can help you voice TV and radio commercials, documentaries, radio station imaging, on-hold messages, presentation narration, jingles and much more.

We’re unique from other voiceover talent and production studios in three ways:

This is our full-time gig. We’re not a part time actor or college student. We’re full-time professional voiceover talent with a distinctive, powerful sound.

We only use professional studios. No recordings on iPhones or low-quality output. All our work is voiced in studio, and we deliver high-quality production with every assignment.

We turn your project around quickly. In most cases same day for commercial, narration and imaging. For jingles and other intricate produced pieces, within a week. We’re fast. You’ll be amazed at our delivery times.

As the voice on many of the nation's most prominent television and radio stations, Eric Rogers is one of the most sought-after voices on the airwaves today.

We work daily with casting agents, advertising agencies, program directors, radio producers and corporate executives.

ERP Studio’s quick turnaround, quality work and vocal power is what keeps Eric Rogers in high demand. We’d love to be your voice.

Who We Are?

Eric Rogers is a talented and highly-sought after voiceover artists. A renowned radio personality in the Greenville/ Spartanburg, South Carolina market, a popular voice for TV and radio commercials, and a meticulous producer, Eric owns and operates the ERP production studio.

With 25 years as a radio personality and voiceover talent, Eric is passionate about bringing your message to life.

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AWESOME!!! Eric rivals Bill Young or any I've ever used. Great work.


Eric Rogers commanding and versatile voice has been a genuine necessity in satisfying our clients


Faster than lightening... it's a bird, it's a plane, No! It's super Eric. It's PERFECT!


Eric, whose talents seem unlimited, gives you production that is clean, rich and as cutting edge as you want to make it.


Eric excels in delivering a diversity of voice talent, while providing exceptional quality and amazing turn-around times – and he's great to work with.


From commercial spots to voice-over projects to creative ideas, Eric consistently produces excellent work in an amazing time frame.


Eric not only does excellent work, but he has a great ear for the overall sound and “accessibility” of announcements to the listeners ears and brain. We are very fortunate to have him as part of our team.


What I like about Eric is that whether it be a High-End Lexus commercial, or secondary finance spot, he always can create the right voice to have our automotive spots cut through the clutter