Eric Rogers

We’re unique from other voiceover talent and production studios in three ways:

1. This is our full-time gig. We’re not a part time actor or college student. We’re full-time professional voiceover talent with a distinctive, powerful sound.

2. We only use professional studios. No recordings on iPhones or low-quality output. All our work is voiced in studio, and we deliver high-quality production with every assignment.

3. We turn your project around quickly. In most cases same day for commercial, narration and imaging. For jingles and other intricate produced pieces, within a week. We’re fast. You’ll be amazed at our delivery times.

Our turnaround is wicked fast – available in most cases same day. No need to wait weeks for someone to book studio time. We have our own dedicated studios.

Eric Rogers a popular voice for TV and radio commercials, and a meticulous producer,

Eric owns and operates the Eric Rogers Production Studios.

With 25 over years as a voiceover talent, Eric is passionate about bringing your message to life.